June, 2016

Art Show

“We have gone through hard times, crazy times, unexpected times, and good times on our travels towards realizing our dreams. We harness the knowledge to deliver you all an experience!!”

Artists Emmanuel Grant & Julian Miller, who create under the monikers Manny Vibe$ and Winter Fareaux Hiatus, have curated an exciting body of work for their latest show, A.D.H.D. Adventures. Enlisting several of their peers, the exhibition presents a broad range of pieces created through the lenses of young, minority artists. Drawing from influences of fine art, street art, illustration, comic books, cartoons, social media and pop-culture A.D.H.D. Adventures is a bright, imaginative show that immerses the viewer in the experience of the media-saturated millennial.

Attendees take a photo with the signature ADHD eye bolts.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Manny Vibe$ x Winter Fareaux Hiatus x Dee Hutch x Keghaznavi Illustration x Luci Trepania x Yessica Jimenez

MUSICAL PERFORMANCES: June 3rd > Natural Habits x MC(mikal) x Dexter Bullion. June 4th > First Class x Cool Tay x Team Ugly

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